Flaunt Your Beautiful Nails And Make Your Friends Gaze With Envy


“Wow, your nails look so pretty!” is a compliment us ladies will never get tired of.But if you have tried doing manicures and pedicures yourself before, you might have been disappointed with the end result as it “didn’t look as good as you thought it would.”


Getting beautiful nail designs is not as simple as choosing a design you like, and then applying it to your nails.Getting beautiful nail designs requires an understanding of designs that match your skin color and nail shape, proper nail preparation, and precise application of nail polish so the design looks perfect.At Carelyna, we help your nails look fantastic with our specialised knowledge in manicure and pedicure.



Our strength is in applying Gelish, which is a new nail polish technology that does not chip. Yes, this means the nail polish stays on for as long as a month, and always shiny and new looking!

Plus – All our nail specialists goes for latest courses to pick up skills and trends from Japan and Korea. That is why you can expect stunning nail designs, in any style that suit your nails best.


So give your fingers and toes a treat. Our manicure and pedicure service softens your skin, nourishes your nails, and applies nail art that makes your friends green with envy.

Come sit back and relax in a serene environment as we turn your nails into something magical.



To get truly beautiful nails, you need to first find a design style that matches your skin color. That is why we first access your nails and skin color to determine the best style of manicure and pedicure for your nails. This will be a “partnership” approach, where we will showcase the different styles we offer that best fit your skin color, while you give us suggestions on what you think would look good.

Preparing your nails

Once we have settled on the design, we will then prepare your nails for manicure and pedicure. The first step is to clean your nails and remove any old nail polish you might have. After that, we file your nails. This would create a smooth nail surface and clean nail shape so we can apply the nail polish finely, which results in a more beautiful final product!

Applying the perfect nail polish

Once the preparation phase is complete, you can now sit back and relax in our serene studio and watch our professional manicurist transform your nails into something magical. Tea will be served too!